Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Want to be walking in the woods

It's been the most beautiful autumn I can remember. Apart from a couple of stormy spells, it's been dry and bright and like some graceful party piece, each type of tree both in the town and the forest seems to have taken a turn to turn and to fall. 

These crisp sunny afternoons call me out into the woods, but there's a living to be made and I have to keep the show on the road. But any excuse and I'm scrunching way across the park.

I've been busy creating some new books and have 2 designs now on my desk, having tweaked the dummy versions and settled on the best finish. Plenty to keep me busy on days when the weather keeps me indoors. 

In the meantime, I have an offer running in my Etsy store where orders to UK addresses can enjoy free shipping. Offer ends on 5th December. I have 9 different designs in stock and they all fit into back pockets, small bags and Christmas stockings.

Here are some of the covers. Some designs have ties, some not. Perfect for sketching, writing, notes and keepsakes. And you can browse the whole range at