Thursday, 14 January 2016

Not much sketching on the hill

Not been doing much sketching on a hill lately. The sky has chased me home far too many times. Hard to see properly in the thin light of these dark days, but while the soup has simmered on the stove for lunch, I've been busy making more concertina pocketbooks.

Thanks to everyone who bought books from me in the last few months, my Etsy shop was left with near empty shelves, so it's been great to get on and change that.

Recent field research has proved that no-one needs ribbon ties when sketching in a gale on a hill. They make no sense when trying to fold a book away as horizontal rain slants in and you need to run to hide behind the nearest barn. New for 2016 are some slightly different pocketbooks, made without the ribbon ties that I usually add to hold pages closed. Ideal for anyone who loves wild sketching.

These and other books are now available to browse at my Etsy store. Inspiration catchers suitable for sketching, writing, memos, drawings, notes, collage, mini scrapbook, plans, long ramblings…….

Plans are afoot for other creative projects. I'm still keeping them under wraps, but will let you know soon. I have a hundred ideas in my head and it's hard to prioritise, but keeping hands busy has helped me sift through thoughts and plans. Better for being busy crafting.