Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Want to be walking in the woods

It's been the most beautiful autumn I can remember. Apart from a couple of stormy spells, it's been dry and bright and like some graceful party piece, each type of tree both in the town and the forest seems to have taken a turn to turn and to fall. 

These crisp sunny afternoons call me out into the woods, but there's a living to be made and I have to keep the show on the road. But any excuse and I'm scrunching way across the park.

I've been busy creating some new books and have 2 designs now on my desk, having tweaked the dummy versions and settled on the best finish. Plenty to keep me busy on days when the weather keeps me indoors. 

In the meantime, I have an offer running in my Etsy store where orders to UK addresses can enjoy free shipping. Offer ends on 5th December. I have 9 different designs in stock and they all fit into back pockets, small bags and Christmas stockings.

Here are some of the covers. Some designs have ties, some not. Perfect for sketching, writing, notes and keepsakes. And you can browse the whole range at

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Inspiration catchers

My own pocketbooks are filling up with sketches, poetic ramblings and to do lists, but more time indoors on these shorter days means I hope to spend more time making. 

I currently have 9 different designs of pocketbooks ready for new pockets, Christmas stockings, tree presents or as gifts that are easy to post overseas. And you can see more photos if you browse them in my Etsy store which is at

This London maps design has been popular and there is now only one left in stock.

Great to use as a journal, notebook or sketchbook, they fold flat to fit into your pocket or small bag. While the cover designs vary, the pages are made for Fabriano Tiziano paper which is acid free and is suitable for graphite, charcoal, pens, watercolour, ink and pastel. 

The paper is heavy enough to holds collage, small photos or keepsakes and is smooth enough to enjoy writing with ordinary pens.

Room for panoramic sketches, side by side small pieces, long rambling sentences or tiny memos.

Inspiration catchers for writers who sketch and artist who write. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Straight out of the press

Straight out of the press, here are some shots of brand new pocketbooks that I just listed for sale in my Etsy shop. 

I always have to distract myself when books go into the press. It's so tempting to keep on taking a look. This time I was able to get things finished just before a few busy work days that I dotted with beach time and blackberry picking on the sunny days. So I was able to forget about the books a bit.

I've used various designs for the covers this time - Winter sun with birch tree silhouettes, red and black geometrics, gold feathers, black fans and some more of the old London maps design that have been so popular.

They fit perfectly into a jeans back pocket. That's where I keep mine.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Concertina pages

Spending an hour here and there, making a series of new pocketbooks.

Yesterday I was doing my least favourite bit - measuring and cutting long strips of Fabriano paper which make the pages of these concertina books. No room for error. And watch those fingers! With the help of some tracks that I had forgotten I had by Anouar Brahem and his trio, it turned into a restful experience.

The new books will be in my Etsy shop soon.

In the meantime, I found some gorgeous new cover papers which I'm dying to use, so I'd better get Anouar's albums out!!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Summer of 2016

Hills, walking, sketching, cliffs, writing, beaches, painting.

It's been a great summer!

But what has made the summer of 2016 even better, is to have shared some of the best places in Sussex with people who have joined me on walks and my walk with your sketchbook workshops. Thank you to all of you who booked a place and joined me, and also to those of you who have supported me in launching this new project.

Despite the weather here still being glorious, I've had no bookings for my next 2 workshops, so I've decided to cancel them. While it's disappointing, I'm looking forward to going out walking on my own, with time to take stock, explore new routes and test out new spots to write or sketch.

Preparing for next year is about to begin. Hope you'll join me for walking, hills, sketching, cliffs, writing, beaches and painting in 2017.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Page 101

So happy to see this month's Viva Lewes which features a directory spotlight on the walks and workshops I've been offering this summer. Viva magazines are beautifully produced visual feasts that highlight people and events in Brighton and Lewes and I was delighted to have been invited to be featured in such a publication. It's still early days for my new project, so it's great to be offered this extra publicity. Thanks Viva Lewes!

Thanks to Lucy le Brocq for heading up our closest hill to take the shot that was picked for the magazine. This month's theme is "Into the wild" and you can read the magazine online via the link at the top of this post -  or fast forward to page 101 to read the article I'm featured in.

Still time to book a place on this Saturday's walk with your sketchbook workshop - Let the River Cuckmere run through your words and images. And also this Sunday's walk - Through the woods to Ditchling Beacon. More information, photos, and booking details can be found on my website at

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Walk with me at Crowlink

I'm heading out of town early this Saturday morning to lead one of my favourite walks at Crowlink.

The weather's looking good, so I'm really looking forward to walking in a landscape that I know so well. It takes in the exhilarating ups and downs of some of the Seven Sisters cliffs shown in this photo. Lots of beauty and windswept drama packed into 6 miles, with a well earned cafe stop before the final stretch.

Fancy joining me?

You can read more and book your place at -
Go on. All you need is sensible footwear.

Friday, 29 July 2016

All you need

The weather's looking good for tomorrow and I'm busy preparing for my "Walk with your sketchbook" day workshop that will take us out for a day of walking and sketching or writing in the Sussex countryside.

My pile of materials is growing by the minute, despite advising everyone to bring only light kit. I will listen to my own advice and throw a few things out of the bag. All you need are simple sketching or writing materials and a picnic lunch.

We'll be spending the day at Seaford Head and Hope Gap, which are 2 of the most dramatic locations in Sussex, with huge chalk cliffs, wild beaches, downland slopes, shingle beaches, a river estuary, tidal creeks, surrounding wetlands and field margins. And we'll be walking and working outdoors with sketchbooks under huge skies, filling our pages with ideas and sketches.

Love wild places? Want to walk to stunning locations to sketch or write? Want to be inspired by nature? Need a creative spark? Whatever your level or area of interest, all are welcome, beginner and experienced artists, writers, scribblers, sketchers, nature lovers and anyone who has always wanted to try writing or sketching and or would like to try out new ideas.

There's still time to book a place if you would like to join us tomorrow. (Please book before I hit the road at 9am tomorrow morning!!) All you need is a sketchbook and pen and a picnic lunch. You can read all the details about this and future walks and workshops on my website. And you can book your place here. 

Monday, 13 June 2016

The best kind of day

The best kind of day, strolling the strange forgotten landscape of Tide Mills near Seaford, with notebook and camera in hand.

I was planning walk routes and activity ideas to use in a workshop I'm leading, coming up on Saturday 25th June.

All very exciting. There's been lots of interest for this day of walking, writing or sketching outdoors and gathering ideas in this unusual landscape. It's been a bee in my bonnet for so long, so it feels great to finally have the date in the diary, the info on my website and the plans on my desk. I have more locations in mind for other walks with sketchbooks over the summer, so if not this time, hope to see you on another.

You can read more info and book your place on my website here.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Gap the mind

Great to have a go at letterpress printing this weekend. Lots of inky fingers thanks to a popup studio event where everyone could have a go.

It's a great phrase, reversing the famous safety message from London's underground. And creating a gap in my mind is something I'm welcoming as I try to firm up plans for workshops and walks. Hoping to get some dates booked into the diary very soon so that people can book a place at

Certainly felt a gap opening up in my mind as I walked through the buttercups this weekend. Another new walk explored that I hope to share with others soon.